From Birdland To ‘La La Land’ – Jazz Music Still Has A Pulse

February 17, 2017
by linkbylee-editor

In this year’s hit motion picture “La La Land,” which ties the record with 14 Oscar nominations including the award for...

In the Crosshairs of Tax Reform: 1031 Exchanges Become a Target Again

February 02, 2017
by linkbylee-editor
in George Yessaie, In The Trenches, multifamily

You may have heard us beat the drum in 2014: “Help us save 1031 Exchanges”. Here we are 3 years later with an even more...

Building Safety For Artists Is Important; But Are Subsidies An Unjustified Luxury?

The embers of the tragic fire in an Oakland, Calif., warehouse, known locally as the Ghost Ship, barely had cooled before...

A Tale of Three Cities - A UK Perspective

December 08, 2016
by linkbylee-editor
in London Calling

The top spot for global real estate investment usually comes down to a straight shoot-out between London and New York....

Light at the End of the Tunnel

November 02, 2016
by linkbylee-editor
in A View From 30,000 Feet, New York, Peter Levitan

The story surrounding the L Train’s Hurricane Sandy damage is a foreboding narrative based on misconceptions. It’s...

The Gathering of the Tribes--Lee Style...Why It's Important We Meet Once a Year

September 21, 2016
by linkbylee-editor
in A View From 30,000 Feet, Company, Meetings, Summit

Continuing growth in new Lee & Associates offices, brokers and services coupled with an improving economy will make this...

The Property Owner’s Conundrum: To Entitle or Not To Entitle

September 13, 2016
by linkbylee-editor
in Entitle, In The Trenches, Land, Patrick Miller

Many property owners in the Southern California region face multiple challenges in deciding whether to entitle their...

Reefer Property Madness - Denver’s Marijuana Industry Totals 3.7M Sq. Ft.; Prices Triple For Obsolete Buildings - This Could Happen In A City Near You

August 24, 2016
by linkbylee-editor
in Denver, In The Trenches, Marijuana

You’ll think you’ve inhaled a cloud of second-hand ganja smoke when you see the skyrocketing prices for some of Denver’s...

The Care, Feeding and Success of the Rookie Broker

August 01, 2016
by linkbylee-editor
in Hall, Hudson, In The Trenches, Marley, Nash, Recruiting

Luke Hudson thought his life would be different. That was until his fourth year pitching in the major leagues when he...

Ten Deadly Errors that CRE Occupants Make

April 15, 2016
by Lee & Associates
in In The Trenches

As I have traveled these commercial real estate roads for over four decades, what follows are the 10 deadly errors that I...